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Why choose Contractor Accommodation Facility?


The West Coast


The West Coast of South Africa has been earmarked for R87billion worth of development according to applications submitted to the Saldanha Bay Municipality. The area is expecting these projects to employ 115,000 people over the next 10 years.


• Kleinberg Accommodation is 2 to 5km distance of the industrial areas including office parks and light industries, which will be developed opposite of the Kleinberg Accommodation on the other side of the R27.

• Kleinberg Accommodation is within 12km distance of the Oil and Gas IDZ ;

• Kleinberg Accommodation is within 11km distance of the Air Force base in Langebaan, which has permission to go into Public Private Partnerships with companies that are interested in transporting light-weight freight.


Property Details


We are able to offer such various accommodation types due to the size of Kleinberg


Total: 8.8326 hectares

Gross Building Area: Approximately 3300m2 Plus Mobile type Units


The property is located within the Saldanha Bay Municipality. According to Town Planning Scheme, the property is zoned as follows:


Town Planning Information: Permitted

Zoning: Resort Zone 1